Thursday 25 November 2010

Long Term Volunteering on Skomer/Skokholm in 2011

Hi all, please see the attached links if you are interested in applying for the Long Term Volunteer posts on Skomer and Skokholm in 2011:



The blog will be a bit quite for the next month but I shall post up more news in January.


Saturday 13 November 2010

Skomer blown closer to the mainland?

It's been a pretty exciting few days weather-wise. In common with the rest of the country we've been battered by storm force winds. Everything seems to have withstood it pretty well though - the buildings are still standing with the roofs intact. Up at the farm a few empty water tanks and a wheelbarrow got flung across the garden but aside from that and a few noisy nights it wasn't too uncomfortable.

The Pigstone

As often happens the more extreme the weather the more the desire to go out and experience it. Skomer Head was certainly worth a visit, the battle to get out there led to one stumbling along the path like a drunk after a particularly heavy night.

Views from Skomer Head

With all the wind and rain it's not been too upsetting that we've a load of office work to be getting on with - reports and bird lists as well as sorting out all the monitoring. We have managed to get out for a few tasks though. This is a good time of year for several vegetation transects and erosion monitoring as most of the vegetation is pretty low.

Waves crashing against the Amos and Wick Basin from Skomer Head.

Bird-wise there's a few more ducks building up on the pond now, nothing rare yet though. Woodcocks are passing through and there's large numbers of Starlings around. Hen Harriers are being seen regularly as are Merlin, plenty of Buzzards and Peregrines are seen more often hunting inland - seeming particularly fond of the Woodcocks.
Today there was a Common Seal on the beach at North Haven, the first seen around the island for a few years.

Common Seal on North Haven

Not too long left here now so we're starting to make plans for winter travels, but making the most of Skomer while we still can.

Jerry Gillham
Assistant Warden.