Friday 11 November 2022

Welsh Wednesday 2022

For a second year, the Skomer team have been participating in Welsh Wednesday. Introduced in 2021, this year we have expanded from "Welsh bird of the week" to "Welsh species of the week". This change has given us the chance to explore more Welsh words and introduce visitors to some of our lesser-known species.

We had great feedback on Welsh Wednesday throughout the year and wanted to provide a summary below. Diolch yn fawr to all who have taken part, for even just the week, in 2022.

In (Welsh) alphabetical order:

Aderyn-drycin y Graig

White-grey fluffy fulmar chick on a cliff edge. It is sat on grass, with rocks surrounding.
Fulmar chick nestled along a cliff edge in early July © Skomer VO

Welsh: Aderyn-drycin y Graig.

English: Fulmar.

Bod Tinwen

Hen harrier sat on the edge of North Pond © Skomer Assistant Warden

Welsh: Bod Tinwen.

English: Hen harrier.

Buwch goch gota

Close up of three ladybirds on nettles.
Ladybirds on nettles © Skomer Assistant Warden
Welsh: Buwch goch gota.

English: Ladybird.

Meaning: Small red cow.

Corhedydd y Waun

Meadow pipit sat in shadow. Bright yellow in colour.
Meadow pipit © Eve Sharples / LTV 2022
Welsh: Corhedydd y Waun.

English: Meadow pipit.

Clychau'r Gog

A single bluebell with five flowers. Background is green and blurred.
Bluebells in the spring © Skomer VO

Welsh: Clychau'r Gog.

English: Bluebell.

Meaning: Cuckoo's Bells.


Brown and white rabbit sat amongst bluebells.
Rabbit sat amongst the bluebells © Skomer VO
Welsh: Cwningen.

English: Rabbit.

Dolffin cyffredin

Two dolphins jumping. The sea is flat calm and showing reflections.
Common dolphins off Garland Stone © Skomer Volunteer Warden
Welsh: Dolffin cyffredin.

English: Common dolphin.


Male pheasant in breeding plumage against grass.
Pheasant sneaking around the back garden © Skomer VO

Welsh: Ffesant.

English: Pheasant.

Gwellt y Gamlas

Green tendrils of eelgrass emerging from below. Underwater shot.
Eelgrass in North Haven © Becci Jewell
Welsh: Gwellt y Gamlas.

English: Common eelgrass.


Swallow sat on a roof against a blue sky.
Swallow at the Farm © Skomer Assistant Warden
Welsh: Gwennol.

English: Swallow.


Black and white bird (guillemot) sat on rocks. Ocean behind.
Guillemot © Skomer Warden

Welsh: Gwylog.

English: Guillemot.


Peregrine flying from left to right, with a full crop. Against a blue-grey sky.
Peregrine flying with a full crop © Skomer Warden
Welsh: Hebog.

English: Peregrine.

Hwyaden Lydanbig

Duckling looking at the camera furiously. Sat on calm water.
Shoveler duckling on North Pond © Skomer VO

Welsh: Hwyaden Lydanbig.

English: Shoveler.


Close up of jackdaw. Eye is blue-grey.
Jackdaw at Bull Hole © Skomer VO

Welsh: Jac-y-Do.

English: Jackdaw.

Llygoden Sgomer

Skomer vole on the research path near North Pond © Skomer Assistant Warden

Welsh: Llygoden Sgomer.

English: Skomer vole.


Bright green glowing light surrounded by dark.
Glow-worm © Thom Faulkner / LTV 2017
Welsh: Magïen

English: Glow-worm.

Meaning: Ember.

Mulfran Werdd

Dark, dinosaur-like bird with bright green eye.
Shag © Skomer Warden

Welsh: Mulfran Werdd.

English: Shag.

Neidr Ddefaid

At least three slow worms curled up with one another.
Slow worms basking under one of our refugia (lifted as part of monitoring work) © Skomer Volunteer Warden
Welsh: Neidr Ddefaid.

English: Slow worm.

Pedryn drycin 

Storm petrel calling in the boulder fields © Skomer Assistant Warden

Welsh: Pedryn drycin.

English: Storm petrel.

Rhegan y Dŵr

Grey and brown water rail on the ground. Surrounded by foliage.
Water rail at Moorey Mere © Skomer VO
Welsh: Rhegan y Dŵr.

English: Water rail.


Chiffchaff on a branch © Skomer Assistant Warden

Welsh: Siff-saff.

English: Chiffchaff.

Telor yr Hesg

Sedge warbler perched on top of bright green bracken.
Sedge warbler perched on bracken in North Valley © Skomer VO 
Welsh: Telor yr Hesg

English: Sedge warbler.

Tingoch Ddu

Female black redstart (brown in colour with red tail) hidden amongst daffodil stems.
Female black redstart in the courtyard © Skomer VO
Welsh: Tingoch Ddu.

English: Black redstart.

Trilliw bach

Small tortoiseshell butterfly perched on a flower. Background is blurred.
Small tortoiseshell butterfly © Skomer VO
Welsh: Trilliw bach.

English: Small tortoiseshell.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more Welsh with us this year. Until next time. Wela i di wedyn!

Beth, Visitor Officer