Thursday 20 January 2011

Skomer Island Jobs

Skomer currently has two seasonal jobs being advertised including:

Visitor Services Officer


Field Assistant.

Both are exciting roles and both posts require a compltely different set of skills.

VISIT HERE for more information.

Chris Taylor
Skomer Warden

Thursday 6 January 2011

Happy New Year - Bookings open for Skokholm 2011

Dear Skomer/Skokholm followers:

2010 saw a massive amount of effort from volunteers on both islands. In particular Skokholm has had some big renovation projects. This work is set to continue through 2011 with an aim to improving facilities and renovating the cottage. This work would not have happened without the massive help of the "Friends of the Islands".

As a result there is some limited self catering accommodation available on Skokholm. The accommodation has been closed for several years and I know several people will be anxious to return.

To stay on the island will cost £125 for three nights and also £125 for four nights (mid week). Sailings will be Monday and Friday.

Skokholm will be open during 2011 from 2 May to 1 August for overnight accommodation. There is availability at present except for the following:

Skokholm is fully booked on the following dates: 16-19 May, 23-26 May, 1-7 July; there is only one twin room available for the three nights 10-12 June. Weeks are starting to get busy so book soon!

More information can be found by clicking here: MORE INFORMATION

Staying on the island will help the renovation project by contributing towards having a warden present on the island from March through to the end of the renovations in 2011 and contributing towards gas, etc. Having a warden present is also good news for the monitoring and research work - some of which has not been fully completed over the past few years. We shall also be having some more day trips to the island in 2011 - more details to follow!

This is a massive step forward for Skokholm, I do hope you join us as part of this exciting time.

Another way of helping the islands directly - you can become a member of the "Friends of Skokholm and Skomer" please do not hesitate to contact me on if you are interested. More information can also be found here.

Chris Taylor
Skomer Warden