Recent sightings/highlights



19th July 

Cuckoo seen at Moorey Mere. 

14th July

Blackcap at the Farm. 14 Common Scoter spotted off Skomer Head.

11th July

Fledged Curlew chick seen at Wick Stream. 

10th July

The colour-ringed female Peregrine which bred at the Wick this year on Skomer was discovered to have been ringed as a nestling only two years ago in Ceredigion. 

Nine Black-headed Gulls were spotted flying over the Farm.

8th July

A Guillemot ringed in 1987 was resighted at Payne's Ledge by guillemot fieldworker Molly - a staggering 37 years old.

5th July

Fledged Curlew spotted in the fields west of the Farm.

4th July

Fulmar chicks spotted at The Basin. 

1st July

Moth trap highlights included Shark, Mottled Beauty, Common Emerald, several Map-winged Swifts and a nice variety of other species, with the most plentiful by far being the Bright-line Brown Eye. 


30th June

Fledgling Swallows seen at the Farm. Black-tailed Godwit at Moorey Mere.

29th June

Black-tailed Godwit seen at North Pond. First Chough fledgling at High Cliff. 

25th June

Woodchat Shrike seen at the Farm by the chicken sheds. 

24th June

Twelve Common Swift throughout the day. Starlings at End Wall Ridge and the Farm.

23rd June

Moth trap highlights included Cream-bordered Green Pea

22nd June

First Guillemot chick jumped. Two Short-eared Owl chicks heard at the gap in the wall, east of the Farm.

20th June

Grey Heron off the Amos.

19th June 

Spoonbill still present, seen roosting with gulls at West Pond. First Manx Shearwater chick hatched.

18th June

Spoonbill at North Pond.

17th June

Grey Heron at North Haven. Pod of Common Dolphin off North Haven. Common Swift over Bull Hole and four Starlings at End Wall Ridge. First Razorbill jumpling left the cliffs.

15th June

Kittiwake chicks at South Stream.

12th June

Lesser Redpoll at North Valley Rise. Thrift Clearwing moth spotted at Pigstone Bay.

11th June

Spotted Flycatcher at North Valley Crossing

9th June

Female Wigeon on North Pond.

2nd June

Buzzard chick at Amy's Reach. 

1st June

First Guillemot chick at Amos. Reed Warbler and Spotted Flycatcher Moorey Mere. One Shoveler duckling at North Pond. 


30th May

Bonxie (Great Skua) seen from North Haven. Peregrine chick at the Wick. 

29th May

First Razorbill chick at Bull Hole.

28th May

Spotted Flycatcher in the Farm. 

27th May

Four Spotted Flycatcher in the fields west of the Farm.

26th May

A small fall of Spotted Flycatcher with one at North Haven, two at North Valley Crossing and three at North Valley Willows. Two Lesser Redpoll and a Collared Dove at the Farm. 

25th May

Spotted Flycatcher seen at Farm. 

24th May

Two Common Scoter seen from the boat.

23rd May

Stonechat fledglings at Gorse Hill. 

21st May

Grasshopper Warbler heard just north of the farm and a pair of Shelducks on North Pond have six ducklings. First Raven fledglings at the Amos. A Hobby was seen near The Wick. 

20th May

A fledged Shag was seen at the Garland Stone and the first Herring Gull chicks of the season were seen at Tom's House. Spotted Flycatcher and House Sparrow seen at the farm and a Puffin was seen at The Wick with sand eels. 

19th May

Our first Greater Black-backed Gull chicks seen near the farm.

18th May

First Kittiwake egg at South Stream. Dunlin at Moorey Mere.

17th May

First Lesser Black-backed Gull chicks seen at South Stream. 

16th May

Yellow Wagtail seen at North Haven. 

15th May

An evening Curlew watch confirmed at least four territories, with two broods - four chicks east of the Farm, and two on Gorse Hill. 

14th May

Great Northern Diver and Dunlin seen on a morning sea-watch. Two Redpoll at North Haven.

13th May 

Gadwall with 11 ducklings seen at North Pond. Ringed Plover over North Pond. Spotted Flycatcher at the Farm and North Valley Crossing. Golden Plover over Green Pond. 

12th May 

Juvenile male Black Redstart and male Redstart at Farm. Four Redpoll, Garden Warbler and Spot Flycatchers at North Valley Crossing. Black-tailed Godwit and Greenshank in North Valley. 13 Common Scoter off Garland Stone. First Fulmar egg at the Basin. Dunlin over Farm.

11th May 

Dotterel seen flying east off Skomer Head by Mike and Ted Wallen! Garden Warbler, Lesser Redpoll, Chaffinch, Black Redstart and three Spotted Flycatchers at the Farm, and a further nine Spotted Flycatchers between the Farm and North Valley Crossing. Great Skua seen off Skomer Head. 23 Red Kites seen over the island from the mainland. Two Lesser Whitethroats at South Stream. Garden Warbler at North Haven. First Oystercatcher chick seen Pigstone Bay.

10th May

Black Redstart and Lesser Redpoll seen at Farm. Great Northern Diver and three Red-throated Divers seen at Garland Stone. A group of ten Common Scoter flew along the west coast. Spotted Flycatcher at Farm. Kestrel seen near Farm. Reed Warbler singing at North Valley Crossing. Lesser Whitethroat at North Valley Willows. Ringed Plover at the Harold Stone. Water Rail calling at North Pond. 

9th May

Redpoll seen over the Farm. Coal Tit at the Amos. White Wagtail seen west of South Pond. Three Collared Doves at North Valley Crossing.

8th May

Dunlin at Moorey Mere. Grey Plover seen flying over Farm.

5th May

Glossy Ibis still present at Bull Hole in the morning. In a good day for migrants, Garden Warbler, Pied Flycatcher and Spotted Flycatcher were all seen. 

4th May

Glossy Ibis seen feeding at West Pond before moving to near Bull Hole. Only the third Skomer record, it's the first time this species has been seen on land here. Whinchat seen at Gorse Hill. 

1st May

Kittiwakes have started nest-building at South Stream. 


30th April

At west pond, a flock of 21 Black Tailed Godwits were sighted as well as a Cuckoo at North Valley and Bull Hole and a Spotted Flycatcher, also in North Valley.

28th April

A Merlin was seen again near the Mew Stone and the Little Owl was also seen again in the fields to the west of the farm.

27th April

Today we saw our first Guillemot egg at South Stream and a Garden Warbler was heard at Moorey Mere. A Merlin was also seen at South Haven. 

26th April

We saw our first Razorbill egg today at the basin!

25th April

A Grasshopper Warbler  was heard again at Moorey Mere and a Little Owl was seen in the fields to the west of the farm.

24rd April

Golden Plover heard calling at North Haven and a Bonxie was seen off the Amos.

22nd April

Golden Plover seen and heard at the farm.

21st April 

Two Swifts were seen flying over the farm and a Common Whitethroat was seen at Moorey Mere.

20th April

House Sparrow seen at the Farm. Distant Grey Heron seen from North Haven and a Black-tailed Godwit was seen at Moorey Mere.

Cuckoo seen in South Park. First Herring Gull egg of the season at the Wick Basin. Common Sandpiper at North Haven. First two Swifts of the year. 

18th April

Stock Dove at Lantern. First Hummingbird Hawk-moth of the year. 

16th of April

Three Rooks seen at the farm.

14th of April

The Green Sandpiper was seen again at Moorey Mere. Our first Sedge Warbler of the season was heard in North Valley and a Reed Bunting was heard in the fields east of the farm.

13th of April 

We had our first Little Egret of the season seen flying over North Haven. It was a busy day with a Green Sandpiper also seen at Moorey Mere.

12th April

A male and a female Pied Flycatcher seen at the Farm, where a Grasshopper Warbler was also heard reeling with a further reeling bird at Moorey Mere. A Cuckoo was seen in North Valley and a Golden Plover was seen in the fields east of the farm. 

10th April 

Reed Bunting at Moorey Mere

7th April 

Several more Sandwich Tern seen off Skomer Head. 

6th April

Sandwich Tern seen in North Haven. 

4th April

Grey Plover seen at Farm. 


26th March 

Firecrest spotted by volunteer Alison at North Pond. First Willow Warbler and Swallow of the year. 

17th March

Bonxie seen looping North Haven. First Sand Martin of the year whizzed past Garland Stone.

16th March

Little Grebe seen on North Pond. First Puffins on land, with 3000 briefly descending at North Haven. Two Black Redstarts present.

15th March

Female-type Black Redstart seen at the Farm.

11th March

First Wheatear of the year seen at Pigstone Bay. Raven, Chough and Shag seen nest building. A fall of Goldcrests and Chiffchaffs.

10th March

Spring migration feels like it's really beginning with the first Chiffchaff and Blackcap of the season. Little Owl seen on ridge near Skomer Head. Pod of 80 Common Dolphin seen from Skomer Head.

7th March

First Manx Shearwater of the season heard at North Haven.

6th March

The island's first Bullfinch since 2017 was found at the Farm before flying to North Valley Willows, where the first Goldcrest of the year was also seen. 

4th March

First Puffin seen in North Haven.

3rd March 

22 Curlew seen at Garland Stone. Shags and Chough nest building. Two Short-eared Owls heard hooting and wing-clapping from Farm. White-tailed Bumblebee queen seen North Valley Crossing.

2nd March

Male Gadwall seen on North Pond.


29th February 

Count of 137 Oystercatchers at South Stream. Ravens incubating on nest at the Wick. A solitary Blue Tit spotted at North Valley Crossing. Two Hen Harriers seen at Gorse Hill.

28th February 

Guillemots, Razorbills and Fulmars on the cliffs on our arrival at North Haven. Kestrel and Merlin spotted. Wigeon, Teal and Mallard on North Pond.

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