Thursday, 2 July 2009

Rain rain go away, come on back another day...

The rain seemed relentless today, the gorgeous sunshine we received yesterday seemed ages away today! With only 66 visitors today, it seemed many people were put off by the weather. But, many of the lucky visitors witnessed puffin chicks venturing out once again into the daylight in order to stretch their young wings.

The rain seemed to draw everyone inside today, and it was dubbed a baking day! Sam, Tessa, Jerry and I made some lovely cake and pizza, and it was greatly enjoyed by all the staff on the island. Pete, Jo and Dave enjoyed a day off on the mainland, to return to the drizzle of Skomer Island.

Sam and Tessa discovered a Common Emerald in their moth trap today, which is rarely seen on Skomer! This trapping device is set every night, with a bright light drawing in the moths in order to monitor the species diversity on the island.

Be quick if you're coming to visit Skomer Island for the Puffins, they will be leaving very soon!

Haf Leyshon
Long Term Volunteer

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  1. Just to say that I have just discovered the blog (ok - a bit slow these days!!) and it brings back fond memories of my volunteer stint earlier in the year. It is great to keep up with almost live news of what is happening - please keep it going. Hoping to make a trip over later this month - also hoping that this won't be too late to see the puffins again. If I don't make it - see you all next year. Meanwhile, I'll keep watching this space! All the best to everyone, and keep up the good work... AndyK.