Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Tripping escapades

Dave and I went over to the mainland today to retrieve some bottles of water, Skomer Guides and Bird guides which we sell at the sales point on Skomer Island. We took the Skomer boat over, and the sea was remarkably calm, and the weather was as sunny as ever! We retrieved the stock that was needed for the island and quickly loaded it onto the boat in order to get back to Skomer. In doing so, I had a rather unexpected trip and fell into the sea, and soaked my trousers! Oops! The on-lookers who were waiting for the boat to return had a rather comical spectacle to look upon, and found it greatly amusing, and applauded! Unfortunately, I lost my phone in the process, and I am currently trying to bring it back to life again, fingers crossed it'll work out!!!
A phone full of water. Will it work again?

So after a short outburst of laughter from both Dave and I, we set off back to Skomer Island. Then, I did another spectacular trip and fell head first into the sea, much to Dave's amusement! I got back up, completely soaked to the bone! The sea was quite refreshing, but rather enjoyable never the less! So, all in all, it was a very pleasant day for myself and Dave on our jolly trip to the mainland and back!

Apart from that, I looked forward to a visit from my friends Lyn and Dave. We all held a lovely BBQ outside, and everyone had a great time! Sam made a wonderful salad, and we all tucked in to some lovely chocolate bread and butter pudding for dessert, that Dave had made previously!

The wick has been very busy lately with the puffin chicks beginning to fledge! Many of the chicks that are almost ready to leave can be seen stretching their wings in daylight, and many lucky visitors have been able to see some of these chicks! They are usually surrounded by parents and other puffins in order to protect them from the main predators of the island, the Greater Black Back Gull and the Herring Gulls. I would definitely look out for the spectacle at the The wick if any of you are thinking of coming out to Skomer within the next few weeks! But be quick, they will be leaving soon to embark on their sea bound journey for the rest of the year!

Haf Leyshon
Long Term Volunteer

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