Monday, 31 August 2009

Rainbows end

Typical bank holiday weather for the last few days. Wet and very windy so the boat hasn't been running to us since Saturday. Unfortunately it looks as though the strong wind is going to continue through the week :-( Most of us were planning a food shopping trip this week so we may be on dried rations if it doesn't calm down soon..........

On advantage of this grotty weather is we get some fantastic cloud-scapes and rainbows, this complete double rainbow lit up North Haven on Tuesday night.

We are up to thirteen Seal pups now, all of which are in the caves or inaccessible bays around the Neck. Lots of adults and heavily pregnant cows hauling out on North Haven though. They sing and moan all through the night, which would make for quite an eerie experience if you didn't know what they were!

An interesting sighting of a Grey Triggerfish (Balistes capriscus) washed up on Matthews Wick on Monday. This fish lodges itself into nooks and crannies using a clever trigger-like adaptation of it's dorsel fin to hold itself in.

Photo by Dave Boyle

Most things (including us!) are keeping their heads down in these strong winds, but a few more waders trickling through and another Balearic Shearwater seen in St Brides Bay.

Jo Milborrow
Skomer Warden

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