Thursday, 3 September 2009

Seal pup video

This pup was born this morning on North Haven. It suckled from it's Mum a couple of hours earlier then fallen asleep and had just woken up and realised it was hungry again! Seal pups sleep a lot. This one is calling to it's Mum for more milk, scarily they can sound just like a human baby crying. The sound is very poor but you can just make out the cry of the pup over the roaring wind and surf!!

This video was taken from a long way away from a clifftop through a zoom telescope. I was out of sight of the mother so was in no danger of scaring her away from her pup. Please remember that pups are easily disturbed. If you want to watch them please follow these rules and go to for more info.
> Never approach Seals close up
> Keep still, quiet and inconspicuous. If viewing from a cliff top keep low and don't cast a shadow onto the beach below
> Seal pups sleep a LOT! It is normal for them to lie still for hours, their mothers will come ashore every few hours to feed them. The mother may not come ashore if there are humans around so don't stay too long.

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  1. So much enjoyed your video of the baby seal (and hearing the waves). It helped lessen my sadness at leaving Pembs yesterday! It also reminded me of an incident 50 yrs ago when I was out in my kayak near Dinas Island, spotted a little seal on a rock with a bleeding flipper. Managed to land on the rock, was about to see how bad the cut was and was promptly bitten quite badly on my ankle!! Serve me right! Moral. Leave it alone and get expert help.