Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A new chapter

A Tale of Two Islands

The end of this 'Island adventure story' draws near for myself and my husband Dave as we have decided that after nearly six years on the Pembrokeshire islands it is time to return to life on the mainland. The next chapter is set to begin very soon as recruitment for a new Warden and Assistant Warden is well under way (please visit our website for further details http://www.welshwildlilfe.org/)

Having lived and worked on both Skomer and Skokholm we feel blessed to have seen them through every season. From chilled, still, spring mornings to the buzzing hustle and bustle of the seabird summers and the crashing violence of autumn storms. People always ask which our favourite island is and the truth is that we love them both. With the peace and simplicity of Skokholm and the bustle and breathtaking seabird colonies of Skomer, both islands have their own character and appeal.

After six unforgettable seasons on the islands we have packed up and shipped our belongings off for the last time. We are moving on to new challenges and adventures on the mainland. 2010 will see a new Warden and Assistant Warden on Skomer and I wish them as many memorable times as we have been lucky to share.

A very wet and wild departure day. Dave and Jo Milborrow and Dave Boyle (researcher)

Jo Milborrow
Skomer Warden (but not for much longer!)

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