Friday, 12 March 2010

First week "solo"

This week has seen a complete change in the wind direction (now from the north) - leading to some rather sore lips due to the dry air. First spit of rain today!

Now that Jo and Dave have left it has just been me and Jerry to fend for ourselves. A good week to plan our season ahead and really get to grips with how the place works.

On a return voyage from the mainland yesterday (in rather rough seas) Jerry spotted a puffin among some razorbills. They have first been spotted on the Island for the last couple of year on the 19th and 16th March. So it does not surprise us that some are out at sea. We are therefore eager to see one on land. Cold Northerly winds are not the most tempting of conditions for the birdwatcher.

Bird highlights since the last blog include an flyby of 16 White-fronted Geese, and some red-throated divers (although they were seen from the mainland but could have been seen from the Island if we were looking at the right time - not sure if that counts for the log?!).

We shall keep you posted when the firsts for the season arrive.


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