Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Lots and lots going on.

Vol.s have been doing a sterling effort on the landing steps and some minor repairs made to hand rails.

Meanwhile we have also managed to get a visit in to Skokholm, to check the condition of buildings and to make a future jobs list. Whilst there it would have been rude not to do a lap of the island. This was rewarded with a great view of a Peregrine chasing a Snipe (a Snipe which we had distrubed - the footpaths are so quite on Skok. at the moment that birds are a lot closer to the paths than normal). The snipe got away from the "fighter jet" speeds.....this time. Meanwhile the 16 Whitefronts that have been pottering around pembrokeshire were found sulking on Winter pond (Skokholm).

Upon our return whilst walking back from birdlog I found this.....(see top picture)

Interesting things starting to move through today including a Black Redstart (Jerry, see below), goldcrest (Jerry) and chiff chaffs(chris).

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  1. But what is the flora/tundra upon which it is sitting?