Friday, 9 April 2010

It's all GO on Skomer

What a difference a few days makes. We're out and about in shorts and t-shirts welcoming boatloads of day trippers, the overnight accommodation is practically full and the island looks a different place.

I had a day off yesterday, back on the mainland for the first time in over a month. Nothing exciting, just a massive shopping expedition but we did find time for a pint and an ice cream.

We returned to find almost all the seabirds back on the cliffs while the puffins are gathering nesting material; pulling up dead bits of bracken and campion and dragging them into their burrows.

There are chiffchaffs and willow warbers in practically every bush and the blackbirds and wrens are singing loudly. There were several groups of porpoise spotted round the island too.

Long may this continue.

Assistant Warden.

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