Saturday, 21 August 2010

Overnight accommodation is offically nice and strange report of cookers in the Jack Sound......

Wildlife Highlights this week:
First seal pup born overnight/today (20th)
Lots of juvenile goldfinches around the farm
Greenshank on North Pond
Little Owl being seen
Manx Shearwater chicks have started to come out of their burrows and exercise wings, some of which will be ready the fledge.

Exciting news to mention to you all this week..........

the overnight accommodation has two working showers!!!!!!!

Breakthrough for us all and it should make a vast improvement to the quality of the stay. There are also low water pressure mixer units on all showers at the farm which have significantly improved the "washing experience". The water pressure is still less than the mainland - but this is an island after-all!

The overnight accommodation has also been awarded three stars by the Wales Tourist Board. All very important advertising to increase the number of overnight visitors in August and September. Feel free to plug the place to friends and family, it only cost £25 per night at this time of year and there are still thousands of Shearwaters about. It also makes bird log a lot more fun having some "outside folk".
And with a bit of tweaking (by request ), the sign becomes a lot more appropriate:

But if this were a true rating scheme it should be 5!

Other activities recently include removing scrap off to the mainland such as 4 cookers and copper piping/lead left over from the renovation project. Thanks to the volunteers for your hard work with this......helping to keep skomer beautiful.

Thanks for reading and keep in touch.
Chris Taylor
Skomer Warden

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