Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Volunteering on Skomer 2011, please do continue to support the Friends of the Skomer and Skokholm.

Dear all,

Firstly, Seal pups are cute and there are plenty on the Island now with good viewing spots from Captain Kites or from the Landing Stage in North Haven.

Secondly, I would like to extend a massive thanks to all those who have volunteered this year (and will be until the end of October). It has been great fun to work with all of you. All your characters keep Skomer alive, interesting, fun and sometimes just puzzling!!

So advance booking for 2011 are from:

Monday 27th September

for member of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

Bookings for the general public start on the 11th October.

More information can be found at:

I have heard several people ask "What is the point in being a member of the Friends now?"

If you are thinking of cancelling your membership to the Friends I personally ask you to reconsider. The Friends of the Island are a fantastic organisation who put a massive amount of support directly into the Islands. The supports comes both in terms of volunteering but also financially for specific projects. This is particularly important whilst Skokholm is being renovated. Examples this year include:

lots of tools for Skokholm,

all the food for the Skokholm work parties,

laptop for the Skomer Warden among many others. They also host a fantastic reunion every February which is an excellent was of keeping upto date on the season of work on the islands. The Friends of the Island also support us morally and advise me and the rest of the Skomer/Skokholm team on the best way of managing the Islands.

Wildlife highlights:
2 Greenshank on North Pond
Lots of Willow Warblers and Spotted Flycatchers
Grey Wagtails
Lapland Bunting flying over the farm
10 Shovelar on North Pond

Thanks for reading
Chris Taylor
Skomer Warden

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  1. thanks chris, looking forward to seeing you next week to torment you all...and definately won't cancel friends membership...maggie