Friday, 7 October 2011

Picture blog of recent highlights

Some highlights in picture form (pictures by Dave Boyle unless otherwise stated)........

Wrynecks (up to 3 individuals) have been around the farm and Bull Hole for the past 3 weeks (picture by Dave Askins)

Greater Spotter Woodpecker 22nd September Then a Flurry of brown things!Juvenile Rose-coloured Starling has been hanging around the farm since 29th Septmeber. Also a Red-brested flycatcher (no pictures)

Common Rosefinch

Red-veined Darters
Migrant moths "up to about 20 Vestals now, 1 Cosmopolitan, 1 Gem, and 2 little micro-moths called Hymenia recurvalis [picture below] - they used to be really rare but I think they've become a bit more regular in recent years" Dave Boyle
Crimson Spekled - jumped on and placede in a pot by moth expert Dave at Skomer Head
Apart from these there has also been large passages of Swallows towards later september. Great and Arctic Skuas and the seabird highlight being a Sabine's Gull flying over mine and Dave's head whilst doing some filming for TV. Very distracting.

Ray Mears TV programme for ITV WILD due to be aired on 21st October- programme is called "Skomer" cachy title.


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