Saturday, 17 March 2012

Raven Chicks -

Fulmar are having quite a few squabbles over nest sites.

Spotted these little chaps this morning while out and about. This is one of the earliest recorded Raven chicks on Skomer.

Incubation is usually 22 days (according to BTO) so these eggs were laid before we even got back to the island. This is not out of normal range (mean lay date 20 Feb - 6 April- BTO) but definitely towards the earlier. I left pretty quickly so that the parents could get on with feeding their hungry young......there are definitely two chicks, I think there are more....we shall see.

One of the diet items - Rabbit. There seems to many black and white ones this year. A result of inbreeding and introductions (Dutch rabbits)

All pictures by Chris Taylor - Skomer Warden.

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