Monday, 2 April 2012

Puffins, cormorants, raven and strange folk with white boxes

Puffins have been gathering in ever increasing numbers - with c.2,500 in North Haven this evening at 5pm. Encouraged on - land by calm winds. Not sure how much activity we shall see this week given the Northerly winds forecast to hit us for the rest of the week.

Cormorant are breeding on the Mew Stone (South of the island) with at least 3 nests. Lots of displaying around other potential breeding sites.

Raven's on the Mew Stone continue to always be around the nest - sitting on the nest and nearby rocks, ever present. It is not yet confirmed whether they have successfully laid eggs here - the truth will emerge in the next couple of week when we should start to see the pink gapes of the young in the nest.
Meanwhile - there have been strange folk walking around the island carrying strange equipment. This (above) is a a magnetometer. A piece of kit that allows for unobtrusive study of archaeological remains. Looking from afar - it looks like you have to keep the equipment moving forward at a steady pace and roughly the same height from the ground.....not easy when there are burrows to trip up the user. Treading lightly avoids any damage to burrow (which the majority are empty at present).

Skomer Warden

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