Friday, 17 May 2013

Summer is here...?

Most of the staff and volunteer team have been a little bit busy with the gull count this week but summer might have crept on us....

(not a gull....)

Insects have started to emerge and the slowly rising temperatures have led to more bees and flies flitting between the flowers.

The island has a series of reptile sheets to monitor which cold blooded creatures are active around the place and the warmer mornings have meant we've had to get up earlier to catch them.  This Common Lizard was just too fast for me...  And the sheets were home to the first glow-worms of the year, but they are now venturing out and can be seen crossing the paths during the day (we are eagerly awaiting the first to be glowing at night!) 

 And last but not least the Short Eared Owls have been doing well compared to last year.  We think we have at least three pairs and have come across one nest which has three healthy chicks in at the moment.  The adults are out busy hunting most evenings, giving some great views to the overnight guests.

Until next time, Lewis (Seabird Field Assistant)

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  1. Greetings to all from cloudy Surrey, especially my good friend Dave Boyle.