Saturday 8 June 2013

Let the moth trapping commence!

Let the moth trapping commence!

Summer has well and truly begun on Skomer Island after two weeks of sunny warm weather.  The bluebells have bloomed and are starting to die off, the red campion is now out in full, meadow pipits and wheatears are busy feeding chicks and the puffins are starting to come in with beakfulls of sandeels.  

a sea of bluebells

The warm weather has given James and me a chance to get our moth traps out.  James has been using two heath traps powered by 12volt batteries in various places in both heath and bracken habitats around the island; while I’ve been running a Robinson trap outside the farm buildings.  Every morning is like Christmas as you never know which species you’ll get in the trap! 

The traps use light to attract the moths which then fall in and hide amongst the egg boxes until morning when they are identified and released. 

Robinson trap

It can take a long time to go through all the egg boxes!
Exciting species so far have been:

A pale pinion which is the 2nd record for Skomer and a rare red twin spot carpet.
Pale pinion

Red twin spot carpet
 My personal favourite is the spectacle (I like his glasses and his hat!)
The spectacle

James’ favourite is the Ruby Tiger 

Ruby tiger

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