Monday, 28 October 2013

Post Storm Blog

What a disappointment! Nothing really happened at all last night :-) The storm passed Skomer. Well I guess that is a good thing! We wouldn’t have appreciated our roof blowing off in the middle of the night. 

Another good thing happened: It seems that our internet is back. We have been struggling with our internet connection since beginning of October but this morning it came back to life. Therefore I will post a few more pictures which did not upload yesterday evening :

Warden fighting the elements...
...and loosing the battle

Guillemot - rare visitor

And some more seal pics:

Abseiling to Mathew's Wick

Nearly moulted seal pup in the Lantern

New born pup in Seal Hole
New born on South Haven beach

Weaned pup playing with mum

Fat weaner giving a wave

Bee (Skomer Warden)



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