Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Hello, my name is Pia, I am Biologist from Germany and I am a friend of Bee's. 17 years ago Bee and I started our careers in conservation together, volunteering on the Nature Reserve Mettnau at the Lake of Constance.

Best friends :-)
This is my second visit to Skomer, I came last year to help with the whole island count and as I enjoyed it so much I offered to come back and help some more. In my spare time I took some pictures of the Skomer bird life which I would like to share with you here.

Guillemot chicks have hatched and the adults are busy bringing in fish
It gets rather crowded on the Guillemot ledges...

...none the less some find enough space for a lunch time nap

The Razorbills also breed on the Skomer cliffs

Razorbills and Guillemots have a hard start to life: They have to jump off the cliffs before they are able to fly

The Kittiwakes however can stay in the cosy nest until they have fully grown their wings

On sunny days it gets so hot in the Kittiwake nest that the chicks and the adults have to pant

The Puffins are constantly watching out for Herring Gulls that want to steal their fish

All hard work is worth while - the Puffin chicks are growing, like this one which was ringed for scientific purposes


  1. Excellent photos, looking forward to my 3 night visit next week :)

  2. I loved the images - beautiful!

  3. hi Eddie , I visited Skomer in May, am a journalist could you pls send me your email id as I have some specific questions for a piece I am working on? many thanks BD