Saturday, 9 August 2014

Seal Season

The first seal pups have been born on Skomer Island. Pup 1 was born around 1st of August and lives on Castle Bay and pup 2 was born on 5th August and calls Mathew's Wick its home (both on The Neck). Last year the first seal pup was born in the Lantern on the 18th of August  - so it seems that the seals are early this year.

Pup 1 on Castle Bay - ca 6 days old

Pup 2 on Mathew's Wick - ca 2 days old

Alistair -our Field Worker- found the pups on Castle Bay and Mathew's Wick when he was looking for Fulmar chicks on the 6th of August. We then decided to check all the caves. So we went and explored Seal Hole, Castle Beach Cave and the Lantern. Unfortunately the tide was not quite big enough to give us dry access to the Lantern but as we had made all that effort to climb down we decided to go for it anyway. What dedication! We found a pregnant female inside but no pups.

Ed swimming into the Lantern
(Skomer Warden)

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