Monday, 20 April 2015

The seabirds are back

After a simultaneous desertion a few days ago of all the welsh islands by the fussy Puffins, Guillemots and Razorbills, the seabirds are back again. It is currently 4pm and there are hundreds of Puffins circling around North Haven and the cliffs were populated by 'guillies' and 'razors' this morning. So its smiles all round for the people who are staying on the island and the day boats will be running again from 10am tomorrow for those who want to come and enjoy the island for the day.

The Puffins are back

Carpets of Sea Campion on land and carpets of Auks on the sea
The Puffins were joined today by 50+ Weatears: alone on the Isthmus we saw seven in one flock.On the picture below are six of the seven. Have a go and try and spot them.

It seems that spring is finally here to stay, at least the Red Campion thinks so. The first in flower was seen today.

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