Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Island Adventure Day 4 and 5

Hello everyone

Our 4th day was very short because we woke up very late, but here is what happened yesterday and today:

Yesterday after breakfast (lunch) we went out for a little walk. It was very windy, so the boats couldn’t run and there weren’t any visitors. We saw a few Puffins who are still feeding chicks and a lot of seals. We love the Puffins, because they look so beautiful with their funny bill. On the way back to the house we found a baby Lesser Black-backed Gull. He or she was ill. Sadly it died today. Bee explained that there are over 8000 Lesser Black-backed Gulls breeding on Skomer and not all will survive – that’s nature.

Still a few Puffins are feeding chicks

Today we went to the farm to help Leighton (Visitor Officer) with the Wednesday Children Activities. Sadly it was rainy, so only 4 children joined in for a little while. None the less we had fun. We played football with Leighton and Sarah (Long-term Volunteer) after the official children activity was finished. Luckily there will be more Children Activities next Wednesday – so come and join in!

This afternoon we counted the seals in North Haven: There were 21 seals. Every day there are more and we are waiting impatiently for the first seal pup!!!!

More and more seals are coming back to Skomer

This is what we are waiting for
All the best


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