Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Skomer Island, Britain's favourite Nature Reserve? You decide

Vote for us! Voting is now open in LandLove Magazines awards, and Skomer has been nominated for Britain's favourite Nature Reserve! Maybe it's the cliffs covered with seabirds, fields covered in bluebells or the charismatic puffins that are your favourite part about Skomer, or there’s something else that sticks in your memory. Here are a few photos of Skomer to show how spectacular it is!

Bluebells in spring. From early April the bluebells start to show through and peak flowering is around mid-May, giving a spectacular display, carpeting the island blue.

Skomer from the air. Crown copyright (2015) Visit Wales.  A rarely seen view of Skomer, it hints at the bluebell show in spring and shows the vast patches of pink campion that flowers just as the bluebells die back.

Guillemots, razorbills and fulmars line the cliffs and puffins line the cliff tops from April until the end of July.

Manx shearwater chick. Anyone who has stayed during Shearwater Week in late August and early September will never forget seeing these chicks for the first time.

Seal Pups in autumn. August onwards is the best time to see seal pups, and September is the peak, with seals pupping on the beach just below the landing point!

We hope that these pictures jog your memory this winter of how spectacular Skomer is and why it is your favourite Nature Reserve.

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Thank you! 

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