Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Skomer on 6x4ft

Overnight visitors will have noticed in our hostel lounge a lovely mural which was painted by Rory McCann in 2015. Now a new piece of artwork adorns Skomer Island: all visitors to Skomer are now greeted by an amazing mural that inspires to explore everything the island has to offer and that gives ideas of what to look out for.

Rory painting the mural in the Hostel lounge last summer

When we first started discussing this project with Rory we were concerned that we had set him an impossible task: how can one do the island justice on an area only 6x4ft large? But Rory managed to condense the diverse wildlife of Skomer brilliantly and we are absolutely thrilled by the result.

Painting of our tame Shoveler Duck "Kraken" by Rory McCann in 2015
Rory stayed five days on Skomer in which we hardly saw him as he was stuck in our garage all day long painting. Every now and then we wouldn’t be able to control our curiosity anymore and we’d poke our head in. It was amazing to watch the painting come to life. Luckily Rory filmed the progress so have a look at the video to watch the artwork take shape.

If you would like to see the mural and of course the wildlife in real life then come and visit us on Skomer Island and if you would like to have a mural of your own have a look at Rory's homepage rorymccannmurals.com and get in touch with him.

(Skomer Warden)

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