Thursday, 22 September 2016

New hides for Skomer

This week the Friends of Skomerand Skokholm have been working hard to rebuild the hides at North Pond and Moorey Mere. The work party group split into two teams (4 at Moorey Mere and 2 at North Pond). 

So far some friendly competition has developed between the two groups: to see who can finish the hide first! Four days in and the North Pond team is in the lead with only the windows to make (estimated half a day of work left), and the Moorey Mere team is just slightly behind with the windows, floor and benches to finish (estimated 2 days of work left).

Moorey Mere hide

By Friday, the hides should be finished and ready for public use again. So come along to spot the migrant birds in our lovely new hides before the island shuts for the season! Hopefully all their hard work will pay off and the hides will still be standing strong after the winter winds and for lots of years to come!     

North Pond hide

Many thanks go out to Howard, John, Rob, Ronan, Peter and Steve for making the hides, to the Friends of Skokholm and Skomer in general for donating the hides and the volunteers for hauling all the wood up the dreaded steps from the landing!  

If you would like to support the work we do on Skomer why not become a member of the Friends. For more information click here.

(Long-term Volunteer)

And many thanks more go to our lovely Long-term Volunteers Alice and Cerren who did the cooking for the work party! Well done girls!

(Skomer Warden)

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