Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Shutting down

After last weeks storm the weather has been amazing, as can be seen by the two photos below, one taken on the 21st during the storm and one taken on the 26th on an almost wind still evening.

North Haven during last weeks storm

Such a contrast to five days earlier, North Pond in evening light

Storm Angus, the first named storm of the 2016/17 winter, was pretty uncomfortable for us in the north facing Warden's house in North Haven. The water was literally being forced through the panels of our back door. But it didn't last and a few days later the weather was calm and fine.

We normally move off in the last week of November so we were looking for a nice calm spell and it came just at the right time. We came off yesterday (28th) in ideal conditions with another fine sunset at our backs.

It is difficult to summarise a season on Skomer in a few words but needless to say it was another eventful one. The wildlife highlights are too numerous to name and a visit in any month is always a pleasure with new things to see and an abundance of life that can't be seen in many other places.

Another couple of photos from this year to illustrate the contrasts and changes that occur during a year on Skomer. 

Skomer in May with fields of Bluebells and thousands of seabirds

A lonely Robin sits in a leafless tree in November
The recent sightings will not be updated now until we move back to the island next March and the home page will only be updated with important news and information.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the running of the island and everyone who visited in 2016.

Nadolig Llawen

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