Thursday, 3 November 2016


If you are a regular follower of our social media you will probably remember that we held Skolympics (Skomer Olympics) this year with teams from Dale Sailing, Marloes village, volunteers and Wildlife Trust staff. This event was such a huge success that we thought we should ask our lovely seals whether they would like to host the Paraolympics - and they did.

Let me introduce you to the winners of this year's competition in the different diciplines:

Discipline: Fattest seal pup

Discipline: Smallest seal pup

Discipline:Synchronised swimming (couples)

Discipline: Aqua Aerobics

Discipline: Rock climbing (adults)

Discipline: Rock climbing (youths)

Discipline: Martial Arts

Discipline: Acrobatics

Discipline: Fancy dress

Gold goes to pup 112 in its ghost costume 

Silver goes to pup 162 in its tropical fish costume (this one almost won the Fattest Pup competition as well)

Discipline: Biathlon

 Discipline: Dancing

(Skomer Warden)

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