Saturday, 15 April 2017

My first weeks on Skomer

Name: Thomas Faulkner
Hometown: Aberystwyth
Hobbies: Paddle boarding
Spirit animal: Sloth
Favourite Bird: Manx Shearwater      
My name is Thomas Faulkner, one of the new Long Term Volunteers that have the privilege of living on Skomer for the next 3 months. I am an Ecology graduate from Aberystwyth University and have a long history of volunteering in conservation. I have been heavily involved with the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust Dyfi Osprey Project and also the Vincent Wildlife Trust Pine Marten reintroduction project. This interest in wildlife and volunteering led to me become a weekly volunteer last September during Shearwater week where I had the amazing opportunity to help weigh chicks. As soon as you spend any time on Skomer you quickly realise why it is the UK’s favourite nature reserve and after my weeks visit I knew I would be back!
Me and Ruby, the Long Term Volunteers for this half of the season  
I arrived on Skomer on the 1st of April and will be helping out wherever needed but you may bump into me welcoming day visitors and conducting surveys around the island. I will also be helping with the general running and maintenance of Skomer.
Learning to drive the tractor
As part of my stay I will also be conducting a personal project. My project is going to focus on the vegetation of Skomer and trying to repeat a survey first carried out 38 years ago. I will be trying to find around 200 small yellow markers buried in bracken that indicate a vegetation plot. Not an easy job. I will also be monitoring nesting activity of the Greater Black Backed Gulls, the largest predator on the island, mapping territory and nests while noting numbers of birds and behaviours as well.

Having just completed my first two weeks or so on Skomer Island, all I can say is it is living up to and exceeding all expectations. This week there have been so many species I have seen for the first time. On my second day the Puffins were starting to arrive in numbers and were showing courting and territorial behaviours in North Haven, while a pod of 30 Common Dolphin investigated the Dale Princess. And on the farm the Short eared Owl had an almost constant presence, searching for the endemic Skomer vole. Experiences like this are becoming an everyday occurrence. I am really looking forward to having new experiences like these in the three months I am here, and I really look forward to welcoming you onto the island.

Thom (Long Term Volunteer)

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