Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Bluebells in Bloom

Spring has burst into colour on Skomer, and the bluebells are looking spectacular. I went for a short walk this afternoon and ended up taking over 200 photos (including those below) trying to capture the beauty of the island!
North Valley is carpeted in bluebells

One of the reasons why Skomer bluebells look so spectacular is the unusual ecosystem dynamic. Bluebells are generally found in deciduous woodland areas, and emerge so spectacularly in early spring as they have evolved to complete their life cycle before the trees have come into leaf and the light levels drop.

Day visitors are treated to a carpet of almost knee high bluebells near the Garland Stone
But as you will see, and anyone who has been to the island knows, there aren't any trees on Skomer. On the island the bracken acts in the place of the deciduous trees, shading out other plant competition through the summer, allowing the bluebells (and to a lesser extent red campion) dominance in the spring.
Due to the fragile ground, visitors have to lie across the path to take close ups and low angle shots of the flora.

Walking towards Captain Kites and looking over the Neck
 If you'd like to see the beautiful colours for yourself we are open every day apart from Mondays (but we are open on bank holiday Mondays). For more information click Here.
Looking across South Haven from the path between High Cliff and South Stream.

The puffins at Welsh Way have one of the most scenic neighbourhoods with bluebells, red campion and sea campion.

See you soon!
Sarah (Assistant Warden)


  1. Wow! Thank you for the photos!

  2. Looks amazing! Can't wait till I can see it for myself :D

  3. looking forward to visiting soon!