Monday, 5 June 2017

People, Puffins and Pembrokeshire Potatoes

June is the month of the "Ps" with people watching Puffins and us enjoying the new Pembrokeshire potatoes.

People: The end of May and beginning of June saw some amazing days with calm sunny weather and hundreds of people visiting the island.

photo by Pia Reufsteck
Puffins: The Puffin eggs have hatched so the adults are now bringing in fish - sometimes more or less successfully.

Pembrokeshire Potatoes: Finally the long awaited Pembrokeshire New Potatoes are ready to be harvested. Every year Treehill Farm, just up the road from Martin's Haven, kindly give us seed potatoes so that we can grow our own on Skomer and on top of that they often throw in a bag of their produce - just to make sure we don't starve over here.

...and after

Unfortunately I don't grow enough potatoes to share them with our visitors but luckily Peter and Gina Smithies from Treehill Farm do and they have a little stand next to the road between Marloes village and Martin's Haven. So go and get yourself a bag next time you are visiting Skomer!

(Skomer Warden)

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