Tuesday, 31 October 2017

'New' boat shed

It may seem like a boring subject to write a blog post about but our newly painted boat shed is well worth it and is the culmination of pretty much a years work. If you read What are they up to? last autumn you would know the background to the project. Celtic Sustainables donated some environmentally friendly, high quality and highly durable paint to bring our boat shed up to scratch and we are very grateful to them for their kind donation. What we hadn't realised is how much work would be involved. It was a classic case of opening a can of worms. As we scraped the old paint off we realised that a lot of the render was also falling off and to cut a long story short we spent the whole of this summer knocking off loose render and re rendering. This was done with a lot of help from our weekly volunteers and even friends and family that came to visit us on the island. Then came the satisfying job of getting the paint on. Anti fungal solution came first then three coats of Keim paint. The finished job looks amazing but I will let the following pictures paint the full picture.

The boat shed as was
How it sits in North Haven
Render falling off
Ooh, nasty!
Work begins - Bee and Mick scraping off old paint and loose render
New render going on
Fungicidal wash going on
Hard at work
Ready to paint
Three coats of paint went on with decreasing levels of dilution

Sarah checking the final coat
Last stroke
A beautiful new protective layer of paint to last 100years

So the job is done and we would like to thank everyone involved. This includes Celtic Sustainables for the paint, Chris Ward of BC Building for his help and advice with the rendering and of course everyone who helped with the work through the middle of an incredibly busy season on Skomer. The paint was a pleasure to use and looks great so we are happy to recommend the paint itself and Celtic Sustainables for sustainable building options from natural insulation to heating and rainwater harvesting. Check them out online or at their store in Cardigan.

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