Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Oh Ophelia - what have you done?

Yesterday we had the most incredible storm I've ever seen - and even Mark, from the Marine Conservation Zone, who is a local told me he had never witnessed such waves before.

The sea spray (it wasn't rain) was so fierce it stung my face and eyes and my hair thrashed around my head like a whip. All animal life had vanished, not a single rabbit was about and the gulls that still had been flying in the morning all had disappeared by the afternoon. The wind was howling around the house and the roof rattled like crazy. I couldn't see out of the windows anymore as they were covered by salt water and the attic hatches were dancing in their frames.

Unfortunately high tide and the strongest winds clashed and turned South Haven into a boiling soup pot - with the seal pups floating around like pearl barley. How many have survived we will know by this afternoon, once we have completed our seal round.

And of course the buildings got a thrashing too: The Farm has lost several slates off the roof and North Haven has lost four roofing sheets. I had to watch them fly off and couldn't do anything to prevent it. By now they are in northern Scotland I suspect.

We will patch up the damage today in time for the next storm on the weekend.

(Skomer Warden)

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