Thursday, 12 April 2018

Spring work party 2018

Have you ever thought about where the water that comes out of the hostel taps on Skomer comes from?

Well the short answer is - from a well, up to a holding tank and then into a header tank via several pumps and treatment units. And, believe you me, you do not want to hear the long answer.

It was also considered prudent to store as much water as possible as an insurance policy in dry years. Hence an emergency tank was built in the garden at the Farm to hold up to 95,000 litres in years of drought. However, the tank leaked and needed rebuilding.

This brings me onto the work party and the amazing work that they did between the 24th and 31st of March this year. The tank had previously been dismantled by a group of volunteers (thanks again to them) and staff last year. The work parties job was to clean all of the old water tank panels ready to be put back together in a new configuration with new sealant.

On top of this main task, the guys also rebuilt our compost bins, cleared the garden ready for a new tractor shed and for work to take place on the new water tank, as well as helping with deliveries and other odd jobs. 

This was going to be grueling work and they would need to be well fed. So we got our master chef Myfanwy in to make sure they were. Her chocolate peanut butter squares were so full of tasty energy that the guys could work non stop, through the rain and cold, all week long.

The upmost thanks go to all of our volunteers. If it was not for them we wouldn't be able to keep this place so special for wildlife and people.

Helping bring deliveries up the steps

Loading on a new sofa for the hostel

Work begins on the water tank panel cleaning

Replacing the old compost bins

Emptying the old bins - believe it or not but most of what goes into the compost bins comes from the compost loos and more obviously the kitchens

A surprising benefit of the new compost bins is that they work just like a five-bar gate - great for leaning on

A few days later and the pile of panels is going down

Pete took this picture of a two headed Puffin which we put on twitter on the first of April!
Job done - the finished pile of cleaned panels


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