Thursday, 7 March 2019

every day is a lesson

It's been over a week now that we have been back to the island. Strong wind doesn't seem to want to drop but that doesn't stop us from carrying out tasks outside.
The theme for the past week has mostly been electricity and problems associated with it. First it was the internet that didn't work, still is in places, then no power at all, which in the end was quite an easy fix and today we couldn't work out why the well pump wasn't pumping any water to our garden tanks. There was no power going into the pumpshed whatsoever and there was no obvious explanation why. We spent a good hour going up and down, clicking, checking the fuses, switching things on and off and basically mostly just fiddling around. We remembered having the same problem in November last year and that it wasn't working and then suddenly it was. There was still no apparent explanation as to why it didn't work in the first place but we were happy to find the pump working again and left the island thinking that all was well. Our theory was that the water in the well tank was below a certain level for the pump to be able to pump into the hill tank and continued to blindly and naively live in that theory of ours until today.
Sarah-K remembered seeing lights flashing and switches moving inside the big grey box of commands whenever the pump master switches are moved into manual, off or auto mode. She discovered that our ''there is no way I am going to pump water without electricity'' pump main switch sometimes doesn't click the way it's supposed to. It is supposed to make a sound when moved to one of the three sides and you know when it does! So to conclude, we now know that there was never a problem with the water level in what we way too easily believed. It has hopefully been a case of that specific pump switch being either incorrectly used or potentially the big grey box of command may need looking into. Fingers crossed it's the first one!


THANK YOU ALL for your amazing contributions for the new Skomer vehicle! We have had many amazing donations so far and thank you to the Friends of Skokholm and Skomer for taking the lead and organising the fund raising!

Keep the donations and comments going, we love to read them! We agree, no one should need to carry their own luggage all the way up to the Farm! ;-)

here is the link if you want to donate:

Your Skomer team :)

we probably would have spent a few days carrying all our food and stuff up the stairs on our arrival day last September,      10 points for tractor : 0 for us :)

Guillemots and Razorbills are back by the way. We have also seen 12 Puffins out in the sea.

A raft of Razorbills and a probable odd Guillemot
Love the sounds they make
Coordinated spring dance;-)

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