Sunday, 21 June 2009

Please ignore any unattended baggage.

Absolutely flat calm seas and no wind meant perfect landing conditions for the boats. A few spots of rain in the morning soon departed and by the early afternoon it was really warm and sunny.

All this was very helpful as we've had a big changeover day; the Oxford crew departed on the first boat, heading back to their university studies but leaving several thousand pounds worth of equipment in a bin-bag on the jetty. Cue a few frantic phone calls when they discovered and huge sighs of relief when it found its way into safe hands. We've another fifteen overnight guests arrived - it's understandably a very popular time of year.
Haf's headed off for a few days at home, taking with her a big bag of dirty clothes to get washed, while Tessa got to the mainland for the first time in six weeks, making the most of it with a pub lunch. Two of the few reasons staff have for leaving the island.

Flat seas always offer the best opportunities for cetacean spotting and the wildlife highlight of the day was undoubtedly in the evening as pods of eight then thirty dolphins were observed heading north. The first group were especially active, leaping out of the water and really putting on a show.

It's the shortest night of the year tonight and plans have been mentioned regarding watching sunset, shearwaters and sunrise. We'll see if anyone makes it...

Jerry Gillham
Skomer / Skokholm Assistant Warden

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