Saturday, 20 June 2009

Irritating computers!

Friday 19th June
2 racing pigeons have taken up residence in the farmyard courtyard, the only problem being how to get rid of them! They normally only stay here because they're too exhausted mid-race to go anywhere else. They have been here 3 days so Jerry took them to the High Cliff and threw them off in the direction of the mainland, only to find them back at the farm before he'd had a chance to walk back......he was not impressed!We also have a lesser black black gull, a jackdaw and a pair of pied wagtail resident in the courtyard. The pied wagtails are very entertaining earlier on in the season when the male is courting the female he puffs his feathers up, holds his tail vertical and holds his wings up in a m shape-a very attractive fella. They currently have a couple of young chicks just developing quill feathers in a nest in the woodpile in the back garden.

We have 2 Skomer voles that have taken up residence in the boiler cupboard in the assistant wardens accommodation. Quite good house residents I thought, until they started chewing at the aluminium foil recycling and the insulation foam around the boiler pipes. They are naturally tamer than other species of vole. We also found a rather beautiful hairy caterpillar near our doorstep which we later identified as a Oak Eggar moth caterpillar.

There were no day trip boats due to the north westerly winds, but thankfully the weather improved for a BBQ in the evening. We got to test out the new patio and boat seat which Jerry and Dave M had built- a really good sun trap. Also had our first "game" of cricket in preparation for the annual cricket match against Ramsay island......we may need some practice.

Sam and Jess finished their 36 hour feeding watch on the guillemots at the Amos colony, it appeared to show a slower rate of feeding than previous years but the data has yet to be analysed. They also identify the species of fish being bought back for the chicks. Dave B started his 24 hour feeding watch so we'll await news of that.

Anyway this is where I got to when I wrote this blog yesterday, just before I managed to delete the whole thing. So I'm rather thankfully going to pass you over to my flatmate Jerry, who's the assistant warden for Skokholm. Happy reading......

Tessa Cole
Field Assistant.

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