Thursday, 25 June 2009

Group shopping

Another full day; 250 visitors, 2 school groups and film crew from The One Show.

Jo and Dave returned yesterday afternoon and had a very little time off before being thrust back into work. Dave's been off today to buy food for a group from Cardiff University who are here for a few days carrying out a variety of projects. It's an amazing effort catering for groups, I don't envy Pete doing the cooking or Dave the shopping. Today he picked up 34 loaves of bread (all there was in the supermarket), 14 leeks and 4 kilogrames of tomatoes, amongst a lot more. All this with just Haf's help, if you can call constant begging for sweets and cake help. The best thing about there being a catered course is that there's almost always leftovers; I'm going to finish this then eat a lovely looking slice of cheesecake.

Photo: Jill Knight

There was a particularly friendly seal around the jetty this afternoon, one of last years pups that hangs around there quite often. It's more than compensation for visitors who've just been told they can't fit a return boat and will have to wait another half hour, this curious young seal swimming along with it's head held high out the water, staring at them. Disappointingly it had got bored of people by the time the last boat left and I went for a swim. I've been in the last four days now and either the water's getting warmer or I'm getting immune to cold.

Lots of butterflies about today. Painted Ladys are still about, though looking very faded, Meadow Browns have been here a few days and today saw an emergence of pristine condition Red Admirals.

My day off tomorrow, looking forward to it. Now, where's that cheesecake...

Jerry Gillham
Skokholm / Skomer Assistant Warden

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