Friday, 26 June 2009

Thunderbolt of lightning, very very exciting

Yesterday evening was tremendously exciting as we got caught in the middle of a massive storm, with lightning striking to the north, east and south. Not just the usual big bolts but blinding flashes of sheet lightning and some forks traversing the underside of the clouds. Everyone was out either trying to get photographs or just enjoying the spectacle; there were more “oooohs” and “aaaaaaahs” than I’ve ever heard on Bonfire Night. Just prior to the first lightning, before it got dark, there was the equally spectacular sight of the majority of the puffins in North Haven getting spooked and wheeling round in the air, thousands of them.

Today started off a bit foggy and wet. Still the first two boats were packed with early day trippers, though the weather put a few people off and it got quieter. A shame as the afternoon was really sunny and the sea was so flat. Two of the visitor boats going back got Common Dolphins accompanying them, which is a real treat.

It was my day off today and it coincided with that of several others too, so we had a big expedition to Haverfordwest. We indulged in all the treats of the mainland; cake and milkshake in one cafĂ© and hand-pulled pints and chips in a pub. In between we browsed the shops picking up a few essentials, in my case a pair of trainers that aren’t falling apart at the seams and insect-bite relief cream. In Tessa’s case a new dress and awesome hat. The latter required much consultation, in fact it was such a complex process we had to recuperate at another pub before we could attempt our big shop. Going around a massive supermarket is always a bit of a shock to the system after the spending so much time away from it all on Skomer. I find myself alternately wanting to leave as I can’t face the people and the bombardment of information, and wanting to buy the most impractical of products as I’ve not been able to have such a choice of food for so long. It’s nice to be back on Skomer, particularly on such a calm evening.

Jerry Gillham
Skokholm / Skomer Assistant Warden

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