Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The weather won't stop the science.

We're into August already! With only a month left on my contract I'm looking at making the most of the island, unfortunately the weather seems to have other ideas. Our day trip out to Skokholm yesterday was cancelled as big southerly winds made landing there utterly impossible. A disappointment for those who'd booked their place on it months ago, and a disappointment for myself as I want to see it before I head off; not only have I got to count the young fulmars, I've left a load of clothes and food over there.

Skokholm jetty with large southerly swell - no chance of landing here.

The good news is, for anyone travelling down to Pembrokeshire this week, the forecast is a good one for the rest of the week and next weekend. Perfect for picnics on the island while looking out to sea spotting dolphins, porpoise and gannets.

Although the breeding season is coming to a close on Skomer that doesn't signal the end of scientific work. Staff and volunteers are getting a chance to help with research on the unique race of Skomer Voles that live on the island. The Manx Shearwaters are still feeding their young and our researchers have been up most of the night, when they return to their burrows with food, fitting them with all sorts of tiny hi-tech gadgets so we can find out all about where they go during the day. The more we understand about the shearwaters' feeding habits the better equiped we are to protect them as a species.

When they have time we will hopefully have a blog entry from the researchers, explaining their work and what they've learnt.

Jerry Gillham.
Skokholm and Skomer Assistant Warden.

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  1. Excellent interesting blog. Pity the link from www.welshwildlife.org/skomerintro_en.link is a bit buried. Needs a higher profile!