Friday, 16 April 2010

Another lovely day on the island, the wind has dropped a bit so we've had some visitors today. All the seabirds were behaving themselves and posing on the cliffs for photographs, with the guillemots and razorbills squeezing onto the ledges at High Cliff. It was lovely to hear them all trumpeting away on the rocks. There were at least 1600 guillemots on The Amos at the south west (counted by Katherine our guillemot researcher). The kittiwakes were loud today too, not to be outdone by the auks.

Hebrew Character moth
As it was less windy last night, I set the moth trap at the back of the farmhouse and caught some little beauties. I'm just learning my moths so it was great to see some new ones.

Pris and Bridget hard at work

We've all been busy with Jerry building some new boardwalk at the muddy patch near Moory Mere hide and our volunteers re-painting the sightings boards at the landing.

Bye for now,

Amy Corton, Assistant Warden

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