Monday, 19 April 2010

Diverse new arrivals.

There's been a few new arrivals on Skomer in the last few days.

First up was a shiny new generator. With all the sunshine we're having at the moment we've not been short of power but we'd be foolishly optimistic to expect that to last all summer. It only takes a few overcast days and we're down to electricity rationing. So this will solve any power problems.

Getting anything of its size onto the island was always going to be interesting, and so Friday evening found a group of spectators watching the following sequence of events unfold.

The Dale Princess and Lady Helen pull into North Haven amidst a raft of puffins. The generator is winched onto a floating pontoon.

The pontoon is cut adrift and pulled close enough to the shore that generator trailer can be attached to the tractor.

Then is towed very slowly up the track.

That's not only island arrival that's impressed us as there's been a few migrant birds dropping in. Dunlin and Whimbrel, a few Redstarts, two pairs of Ring Ouzel and, probably most admired, a Hoopoe that's been spending today walking up and down the paths searching for invertebrates in the short grass.

We'll keep our eyes open for more.

Assistant Warden.

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