Monday, 26 April 2010

Collecting driftwood in the fog at South Haven
Hi everyone,
It's been really foggy out here on the island for the past two days. I'm only just able to see over to Ramsey Island and this morning I could hardly see the other side of North Haven. The oil tankers in the fog looked pretty spooky.
Believe it or not it's been a nice change from sunny but windy days we've been enjoying for the past few weeks. We had a bit of rain on Saturday night and all the plants appreciated it. My lettuces have started sprouting and I saw a bluebell flower this morning.

Work begins on the sculpture at the Old Farm

We've got some artists staying on the island this week; Dave Gosling and his sons Luke and Adam are constructing a sculpture made from driftwood and other materials found on the beach at South Haven. The sculpture will be situated just in front of the courtyard at the Old Farm. At the moment they are still working on it but I'll put a picture of it up when it's finished.

Linda's studio on Skomer

Linda Norris is currently working on the island, doing some research for new artwork. Linda has been visiting the island for the last seventeen years. You can see some of her work at

There's lots going on at the moment and it looks like it will be an interesting week, the puffins and shearwaters should be laying fairly soon too.
Bye for now,
Amy Corton, Assistant Warden.

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