Friday, 8 October 2010

Bobolink on Skomer - No sailings tomorrow (likely)

A keen eyed Dave Boyle spotted a brown North American Passerine in North Stream Crossing today - called a Bobolink. I caught up with it only to catch it in flight and very briefly.

The bird has not been seen since.

For anyone hoping to catch a glimpse of the migrant, this will be tricky. The strong Easterly winds have meant that no boats have landed today. It is very unlikely that boats will be running tomorrow. However an update will be given on Pembrokeshire Bird Blog tomorrow morning.

Other recent highlights
Green Sandpiper (on North Pond)
Barred Warbler
Flock of 16 House Sparrows (interesting if you live on the island!)
Lots of blue tits
Pied Flycatcher

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