Monday, 11 October 2010

Bobolink update.....

Dear all,

Although the Bobolink has not be seen throughout the day, it might well be hiding somewhere.

Looking good for day boats tomorrow, if anyone fancies a look (lots of looking!) then this would be a good chance.

I have decided to allow access to North Stream Valley for birders (the paths marked Research Area) for the next few days only.

A special map will be available from me after the introductory talk. Volunteer wardens will be around to help out.

Usual rules apply with regards sticking to the paths, if folk are seen flushing birds through bracken, etc. this will not look good for future birding events. So please stick to the permitted paths.

Chris Taylor
Skomer Island Warden

1st boat leaves Martin's Haven at 1000, then boats at 1100 & 1200.

ps there has also been a Dartford Warbler today, first one since 1971

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