Thursday, 14 October 2010

Free the Gannets

A recent excursion was made to Grassholm. Thanks to Greg/Lisa/RSPB for organising the trip.

Trip out to grassholm involed Mick Brown, a nice chap called Sean, Greg and Lisa from Ramsey, myself and Dave B. and skippered by the owners of Shearwater (A jet boat that used to be the boat that took animals out to Ramsey)

Upon arrival some birding must be had. redwing (2), raven (1), peregrine (2), oystercatcher (4), starling (20), goldcrest (6), blackbird (2), turnstone (3), blackcap (1), robin (2), song thrush (1), chiffchaff (2), GBB gull (100+), chaffinch (3), dunnock (1), skylark (1), goldfinch (1) and rock pipit (6)

The problem - Gannets make their nest out of mud, seaweed and anything else they can pick up. This includes farmer's gold (baler twine!), packaging, etc. and this can often become entangled in the legs of some birds. Our visit was to free the entangled birds for a hopeful happy ending. Some are worse than others.

Young bird post release.

Close up of a young bird.

A tight squeeze for a skilled skipper!

Thanks to all for a great day.
Chris Taylor
Skomer Warden

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