Friday, 4 November 2011

4th November - Firecrest and help with Purchasing Puffin Geolocators

Firecrest has been hanging out in North Haven for last few days.
Number of pups born on the island total 135.

Dave Boyle witnessed a seal giving birth during the day which is quite unusual as they are generally born overnight. He also commented that the pub "flew" out and landed approximately 4 feet away. Apparently it gave the mum a shock to. Normally the mums gently guide them out using their back flippers - not this time.

Also if you are interested in helping the Skomer/Oxford research team raise some funds for purchasing some Puffin Geolocators follow this link:

Geolocators are small devices that can track puffins over a long period (their winter migration). Understanding their movements at sea helps inform the conservation of the species and other marine life. There are only 40 days left to raise the funds. There are some great rewards too - depending on the amount you donate!


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