Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Skomer birds and seal update

Couple of Black Redstarts around South Plateau and a mistle thrush. 5 Snipe.

Yesterday......(from Dave B)
Been pretty quiet over here for the last few days, we seem to have missed out on the big thrush movements but we're having a good autumn for Mistle Thrushes - normally only see them once or twice been they've been quite regular in the last couple of weeks.
There's been just a few finches and Skylarks going over in the mornings, including the odd Siskin, Brambling, Redpoll and lapland Bunting, and about 500 Woodpigeons flew west on Friday morning

In the meantime we have lots of these (c130 born)
Seal pup video here

And some nice chilly sunsets:


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  1. This was 'geotagged' in a different light!