Friday, 27 July 2012

Island blogging - a Friday summary!

With a flurry of activity recently - here is a weekly summary of events:

Skokholm and Skomer is sad to see the departure of Jerry - The Skokholm Island Warden. He has provided me with huge support since I started as the Skomer Warden. Jerry has managed Skokholm over a busy period of building renovations and he has truely left his mark on the island. He is now moving to new ventures on Bird Island, South Georgia. I am hoping that we wont have too many questions for him as communications might be tricky. For a full summary SEE THE SKOKHOLM BLOG HERE
Lichen covered rock with the Mew Stone in the background (CT)
 A visit to Skokholm to meet with Trinity House employees to look at the technical issues related with the lighthouse (power, water, sewage, etc.!). Richard Kipling (Skomer Field Assistant) wrote a piece about his first visit to Skokholm. The blog nicely captures the feeling Skokholm and how different an island can be despite being only a few miles apart. RICHARD'S BLOG HERE.
Sunrise towards the mainland

Meanwhile on Skokholm "The Friends of Skokholm and Skomer" hosted a sponsors visit to say thanks for all the donations and to generate some future interest (hopefully!) FULL WRITE UP HERE. There has also been some hard graft removing some old Lister Engines from the Lighthouse. FULL PICTURES AND STORIES HERE.

SKOMER Research continues with long term tracking devices having been deployed on Puffins and Manx Shearwaters. SEE ANNETTE'S BLOG FOR PICTURES.

Chris Taylor
Skomer Warden.

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